About Us

Hello and welcome to Pericarditis Pain. This web site has important information about pericarditis, as well as updated news and articles related to this extremely painful and dangerous condition. If you have any symptoms of acute (sharp) pericarditis, it is important to call your doctor right away.

As a patient myself of this uncomfortable and dangerous condition, I felt the need to do some research and share all the knowledge I could find; to better understand what this frightening medical condition was about and how I can deal with the consequences of this illness.

The majority of patients will experience a complete recovery from this illness but other patients will experience recurrent episodes that can go from one a year to several in a year. Unfortunately in many cases it is very difficult to pinpoint the origin of this illness and it can be misdiagnosed with other heart condition symptoms.

The main purpose of this site is to inform you with simple articles what you should know about Pericarditis.

I am not a doctor, I am a patient suffering from this painful illness and it is my concern to help others who are looking for more information to help themselves.

My intent to give you quick information to determine is what your symptoms are and what is the difference between “I should visit my doctor as soon as possible with an schedule appointment” or “I have to go to the emergency room right now”.

If you feel your symptoms are of a medical emergency, please do not wait for an appointment. Call 911 immediately and ask to be transported to your nearest hospital.

This information is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about a specific medical condition.