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Observance in acute pericarditis episode

Pericarditis Treatment: What Are Your Treatment Options?

 How is Pericarditis Treated? Acute pericarditis treatment (sudden onset) may include medication for pain and inflammation, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including ibuprofen in large doses. Depending on the cause of your pericarditis, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic (for bacterial pericarditis) or an antifungal medication (for fungal pericarditis). If your symptoms last longer than […]

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Symptoms of Pericarditis

 What Are The Symptoms Of Pericarditis? The chest pain symptoms associated with pericarditis can be described as: ▪ Sharp and stabbing (caused by the heart rubbing against the pericardium) ▪ The pain may increase with coughing, swallowing, deep breathing or lying flat ▪ Pain can be relieved by sitting up and leaning forward ▪ You […]

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Glossary of Pericarditis Terms

Acute pericarditis: Inflammation of the pericardium that develops suddenly and is accompanied by the sudden onset of symptoms. Cardiac tamponade: A severe compression of the heart that impairs its ability to function. Cardiac tamponade is a medical emergency that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment. Chronic pericarditis: Inflammation of the pericardium that lasts for three months […]

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